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Advice for finding a Qualified Family Law Attorney

A family law attorney represents clients in family law litigation. Their practice should focus on:

  • Divorce

    All matters relating to the dissolution of marriage, with a focus on maintaining the overall financial and emotional wealth of the parties and their children.

    This change involves your children, your money, your future. No one should go through this life altering change without legal representation. Even if you think your divorce is different, that your life is simple, that you can get through this without fighting, see an attorney. The consultation is free. The knowledge and peace of mind that you receive is invaluable.

  • Domestic Violence

    Seek an attorney that has represented men and women in bringing and defending against requests for restraining orders under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and can help you with not only the legal aspects of such actions, but the practical aspects, such as child custody, visitation, and temporary housing.

  • Child Custody
  • If you have children, one of the most important aspects of your case will be child custody and visitation. Family law attorneys help families to work out fair and reasonable visitation orders. Try to find one experienced in out of state and international cases that can effectively help you present your case, either in mediation or in court.

  • Child Spousal Support & Modifications
  • Determining for how long and what you should pay to the other spouse to properly care for him/her and the children is much more complicated than what can be determined on a calculator. Courts consider issues such as ages of the parties, their capabilities, the earning history of the parties, as well as special needs. You may want to consider issues such as the children's college education or extra curricular activities. This is an important and complex issue that you should discuss thoroughly with an experienced family law attorney.

  • Mediation Services

    Arguing your case in front of a judge is financially expensive if you have attorneys. It is emotionally draining to give testimony against someone you once cared deeply about. Fighting in court can destroy any shred of civility you now have. There is another way that is cheaper and usually provides a more satisfactory resolution: mediation.

    With the help of an experienced, objective, knowledgeable and creative attorney, you can talk things out and control the result. You can also agree to resolve issues in ways that courts cannot order. Courts are very limited in their ability to resolve disputes. You are not. You can make choices. You know your family. Entrusting a stranger is rarely the best way to end your marriage. Consider mediation.

    A good family law attorney can work with you, as well as the other party, on developing an agreement which is comprehensive, fair, but flexible to meet your future needs.

  • Additional Family Law Services You May Require

    While the core of family law deals with divorce, there are other issues which are related and important such as drafting pre and post marital agreements that can help you in adopting children and draft or modify your estate planning documents, Post-judgment modification of orders, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, adoptions, estate planning documents

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