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If you and your soon to be ex-spouse believe agreeing is better than fighting, that you want to retain a relationship after the divorce is over, then you should consider mediation. It is a process that allows for an airing out of issues in a safe environment. It allows the parties to learn where they already agree and build upon that.

Mediating an agreement can take many forms. It can mean Midori seeing only one of the parties to review all the components of an agreement and that party ferrying it back and forth to the other party. It can mean separate meetings for each spouse or both parties coming in together for a meetingand a competant attorney drafting the agreement.

Mediation can also mean that the parties agree on only specific items and not all the issues of the divorce. An agreement can be drafted that includes only those specific items. Even though the entire divorce is not settled, it can save tremendous amounts of time and attorney fees in court.

Mediation can happen at any stage of the divorce. There can be multiple mediated agreements. Mediation is a method to allow communication of issues and allow the parties to find solutions. Divorce encompasses many issues, all of which can be resolved through mediation. Let Midori listen to your situation and discuss how mediation can work for you.

Mediation - Frequently Asked Questions

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